Venetian Blinds – Are compiled from…

electric blindsVenetian blinds are generally available in wood and metal formats, each of these offering varying slat widths. Smaller slat widths tend to appear more discrete, but larger slats will stack smaller. Metal venetians tend to come in 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm whereas wood tend to start at 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. beveled larger slat are also available but less common.

Venetian Blinds – Benefits

A major benefit of venetians is the ability to have shade and privacy but still look through the blind. They are not recommended for environments where children and animals are present due to their delicate nature. However given the choice wood tends to be far more resilient. Swivel clips are used in most cases to mount Venetian blinds but care must be taken not to foul any of the internal components within the head rail. Tape or ladder cord are two more options available. Tape tends to be popular more with wood venetians and ladder cord more with metal venetians. Each type of slat has many different effects to choose from. Wood venetians will have grain textures and can be painted or stained. Metal venetians have metallic, hammered, perforated, wood effect, patterns and plain options.

Manually operated Venetian Blinds

Manual operation normally comprises of a cord lock system for raising the blind and a tilt rod to alter slat angle. A cleat might be required to wrap excess cord around here. Friction operation Venetians are also available commonly used within a perfect fit frame if fitting into upvc window frames. A major advantage here is that no cord lock system is required and hence no cleat. These friction operation Venetians are suitable for smaller windows.

Electric Venetian Blinds

electric blindsRemote control venetian blinds offer two options. Electric tilt with manual cord lock raise and electric tilt and raise. The first option tends to be battery operation as little power is required to tilt the blinds. Raise function is rarely used and as a result this makes a very good budget option. Where electric raise and tilt are concerned these will be 24v and sometimes 240v. 24v blinds can have a much smaller head rail whereas 240v will need much larger. Weight and area of blinds will be the governing factor as a rule here. Voltage will often depend which automated system you are using such as lutron or crestron. Should it be a stand-alone system, radio remote controlled will be the best way to go although hard wired is still an option.

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