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pleated electric blindsA very discrete blind, which stacks neatly. Two versions of fabric are available, standard single pleat and cellular or duette. Single pleat tends to offer very good value for money when compared to cellular. Cellular does have a few more benefits however. With single pleat the friction cords run through the pleats to maintain the angle of the pleats and as a result small holes have to be created for the cords to run through. With cellular fabrics the cord runs inside the hexagonal pockets therefore no visible holes or cords can be seen. With translucent fabrics a silhouette of the cords can be seen but not with black out versions.

Pleated Blinds Operation

Manual pleated blinds tend to be operated in two ways. Friction operation and cord lock.

electric blinds booking

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Friction operation

Friction operation is very popular in conservatories due to the ability to recess fit and leave sill free for ornaments and such. The blinds simply fit where the glass of the window is. No hanging cords are required due to the figure of eight tension system which stops the blind from simply falling down. The cord creates a friction due to a spring within the figure of eight cord. When you move the blind it stays where you leave it. These types of blinds are normally limited to 1500mm width as the tension can bow the float rail if the blind is too large an area.

There are three options here. Perfect fit, intu and spring clip. Perfect fit and intu both have clip which slide between the glass and rubber seal and do not require drilling into the frames. Spring clip method is cheaper as an additional frame is not required but spring clips are fitted to the frame with screws. Perfect fit does tend to reduce light gaps at the side of the blinds and insulate a little more.

Cord lock

Cord lock systems offer better value for money as multiple windows can be covered with one blind. As there is no tension involved here much larger blinds can be offered. Control cords can be placed to the left or right of the blind to make access easier. To raise and lower the blind pull cord towards the centre of the blind. To lock in place, pull to the outside. A cleat will sometimes be used to wrap around excess cord.

Remote control pleated blinds

Electric pleated blinds all tend to be 24v and are only available as free hanging format. The larger head rail is the main reason for this. An additional rms component has to be added as the blinds do not know when to stop in the lower position. This counts the number of revolutions until its lower stop position is achieved. The blind should stop automatically at the top and the bottom but it can also be stopped anywhere in between using the remote control. Blinds can be controlled individually or grouped into zones. Perfect fit and intu do not have an option for remote control.

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