electric pinoleum blindsThe name pinoleum is derived from the word pine which used to be the only option available in the past. Nowadays basswood is also an option. Just as durable but having a smoother finish. Hence the term “smoothweave”. These blinds are made up of thin strips of wood held together with polyester stitching sometimes with an additional edge braid. Pinoleum blinds give a net curtain style effect which gives privacy but allows visibility through the blind. However at night this effect is reversed.

A liner option is available should this be an issue but sacrifices net curtain effect in the day. Should heat be an issue a liner will do a good job here but balluaf offer a reflective coating called solarwood which is sprayed directly onto the wood. The benefit of this being you don’t lose the net curtain effect. Pinoleum blinds have two methods of operation. Roman and roller.

Pinoleum Roller Blinds

Roller is usually a budget system which can be used in situations that don’t have a long drop. Fabric tends to be round reed as this is more flexible for a roller system. Pinoliem roller blinds also don’t have edge braid as a rule as roller systems need fabrics to be as flat as possible. Braids tend to increase diameter of the roll at the edges. Unlike standard roller blinds, pinoleum rollers roll from the bottom up.

Pinoleum Roman Blinds

electric pinoleum blindsAs you would expect the pinoleum is folded like a roman blind in five inch folds. When the blinds are stacked they create a pelmet style effect. Control can be via a cord lock, continuous loop or cord and cleat. Headrails can be wood or aluminium but are not visible as a rule. Eyelets are added at regular intervals through which cords are passed finally being attached to the lower rail.

Electric Pinoleum Blinds

Remote control pinoleum blinds will normally be the roman system. These are usually 24v requiring an rms component for the lower stop position. Although they can hard wired, radio remote control is most commonly used. Should control from lutron or crestron systems be required an interface can be acquired which will convert lutron or crestron signals to somfy rts. The head rail will be aluminium and slightly larger than a manually operated blind as extra room is required for the motor and rms.