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electric blindsWe supply and install electric blinds throughout the entire UK and have specialists based in all parts of the country, we can either offer you a quote via the phone or if you would rather by email. Because we source our blinds from a number of manufacturers our prices are hard to beat, you see we match you with a product that suites your budget. Unlike some companies selling electric blinds we do not use pressure sale, we show you the best products for the job and then leave you in piece to obtain another quote. This works well for us because our specialists have more experience than the franchise sales companies, our sales people are familiar with not only the types of shades available they know how they are fitted. electric blinds

Styles of Motorised Electric Blinds

We can provide electric versions of all the main styles of blinds, Roman, Venetian, Roller, Pleated, Pinoleum and Blackout. All our systems are fully guaranteed and we can provide a massive range of fabric swatches for you to choose from, our expertise in the area of RC window shades is second to none. If you want a great product but also need top notch advice we can help, many blind companies operate as a franchise which means their reps are not always able to offer you the best advise. Our UK design specialists are fully trained and are “not” part of a franchise, this means we do not have to pass huge commissions on.

Remote Control Blinds – Hi-Tech Electric Blinds

All our systems come in 2 versions, either wall switch control or remote control. We can offer mains powered packages or battery, battery controlled blinds are suitable for existing buildings or structures and mains controlled electric blinds are great for new build projects. We have fitted electric blinds in top hotels, schools, offices and of course homes, if you want a specialist then this we can claim to be. Electric blinds add a touch a luxury to your home or business premises, they can be automated via both wall switch or of course remote control. The fabrics and materials available can match any taste or interior design palette, no matter of you are looking for a contemporary style or bespoke we have many swatches to choose from. If looking for Cirrus electric blinds you an also try here. Automatic Conservatory Blinds You may not have considered the automatic conservatory blinds a choice your home before, but it is time that changed.

electric blindsWe supply and install electric blinds It is not for nothing that we comply with the highest European quality standards after all! Why should you consider our offer? For several reasons! One would be that our automatic conservatory blinds, when closed, are secured by: an anti-lock system placed on the damper shaft, which blocks the closing and reduces vibration in the event of high winds (the strap closures are not equipped), and an anti-tear system, a mouthpiece attached to the last blade, increasing resistance to any attempt to pull about 40 pounds. Electric security systems are a must, and whether with wire or radio control, our electric blinds always provide the maximum level of security. As for the possibility to find the products you need, our automatic conservatory blinds offer includes several categories. The swing blinds are in fact panels that fold on the walls. They are available in full leaf (blades glued together) and flying blind (days between the blades). The folding flap blinds have blades that overlap in tables once opened. Discrete, they may be a little unsafe.

The shutters are equipped with anti-tear systems, being considered the safest and strongest category. The sliding blinds come with great design, but their price can climb quickly, depending on the finish and the material. Where to Have the Automatic Conservatory Blinds Installed? The shutters can be placed both on the inside and on the outside. The inside models are usually made of wood and have a primarily decorative function. When placed on the outdoor, they ensure a better insulation. Shutters can also be used as component of roof windows, made of PVC, with manual or automatic adjustment systems. When used for the pool, they maintain the water temperature, avoiding deposits or residues in the pool and preventing the access of the children. Which Materials Are Better for Automatic Conservatory Blinds? We generally use three materials for our blinds, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

electric blinds UK electric blinds Wood is aesthetic, safe, long lasting, but requires certain maintenance measure. Aluminum is modern, environment friendly, but has limited temperature control abilities, due to its low insulation capacity. PVC is inexpensive and provides a better insulation than aluminum, but it is not suitable for large formats. Metal, although very safe, can only be used for certain types of shutters. Composite is the new generation material. It can take the look of wood without requiring maintenance. Opening Types The blinds we produce can open following various patters. The manual opening is achieved by strap, hand or direct pull, but it does not support heavy components and tends to force over time.

The motorized opening only requires the touch of a button, involving practical and smooth opening and closing. In the latter category, the primordial choice is the wireless controlled blinds that you can operate using a pushbutton and you can program to open or close at fixed times. It is followed by radio control that comes with a locking system and an automatic closing system for strong sunlight periods, etc.. Security The automatic conservatory blinds can be a real security asset, due to the fact that they come with the safest electric shutters, with anti-pull, anti-pick and anti-lift systems. The blades reinforced shutters limit the risk of attacks from the outside, being heavier, stronger and difficult to pick. Shutters can be reinforced with separate locking systems.

The installation of the automatic conservatory blinds is always made in such a way as to ensure proper insulation. The main question to ask is the location of the trunk. The installation of the shutters is easier to perform but requires discipline in order to ensure a good system of opening and closing. Especially the blinds made of wood and metal require regular maintenance. Indeed, PVC, aluminum and composite are not so demanding. When you install the automatic conservatory blinds, several options are available in terms of the operation mode. There are two main types of electric opening: the wired control (the remote control is fixed and next to the window, connected to the automatic conservatory blinds’ motor by a cable located inside the wall, the system prices are fitted for any wallet) and the radio control (the remote is portable, no cable connects to the engine, the system comes at a low cost). The choice of controls usually depends on the type of components: the wired system is ideal for smaller houses and can be adapted for sliding blinds, while the radio system allows the closure of several components at the same time. It is particularly suitable if you have roof flaps, but also for doors and sliding systems.

Quite a few clients still inquire about blinds operated manually, using straps. We no longer produce them because they are difficult to use, they wear off easily, they precipitate the breaking down of the components, the strap can get dirty very quickly as a result of frequent use, the friction points can get damaged. We specialize in offering our clients futuristic and practical solutions, designed to make everything simple and easy, risk and worries free. Our motorized blinds are fit for any space, any dimensions and any operating systems. Indeed, automatic blinds tend to be more expensive than manual blinds, and that is why we always strive to provide our customers with the cheapest solutions. For example, we take our raw materials and components directly from manufacturers, at very affordable prices, and due to our high volume of sales, we can afford to keep the costs of our blinds to the minimum. Besides, our automatic conservatory blinds are long term solutions, meant to last for years, so, even if the investment may seem a little high, it is fully recovered throughout the several years of safe and comfortable use of our solutions.

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